Sunshine Blogger Award

First and foremost, thank-you to Man Vs Adulthood (formerly Ross) for the nomination. Receiving the nomination made my week, and really did bring the sunshine! For all of you who are not acquainted with Ross’ blog I would highly recommend checking out his work. You can visit his own acceptance speech here, or his blog here.

Sun through trees

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Surviving a Day in Edinburgh; home of Harry Potter and other classics

As it was Valentines last week, I thought it would be “romantic” to spend the 13th in Edinburgh with the boyf. As our first date was at Chester Zoo, I thought it’d be nice to recreate it by spending the morning of the 13th exploring Edinburgh Zoo as well as throwing in a few sights along the way.

And because I love a good plan/organisational list, I thought it would be great to share this little adventure with you guys. So if you ever find yourself in Edinburgh for a day without the foggiest of what to do or where to go, this can act as a helpful guide.


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Surviving Glasgow; unexpected adventures and top class views

After university deadlines were over, I couldn’t help but take in everything that Glasgow had to offer; food, views, and good company. With my last year quickly coming to a close, I’ve decided to take advantage of everything that Glasgow is before I leave. So to call my weekend an indulgence would be an understatement. It was a never ending banquet, and it is a shame it had to end.

This wee adventure consisted of leaving Maddie behind again (because she has her dissertation to contend with) and acquaint the boyf with the Scottish city instead. He has never visited Glasgow before, and quite frankly isn’t a fan of the North, so I made it my mission to win him over. And I think I did just that.

On a side note, to be featured in a blog post is a dream come true for him as he continually asks when he’ll be featured. So well done dude, you made it!

But on to more pressing matters, if you want to make the most out of Glasgow City Centre in a 24hr period then look no further than this quick and simple itinerary which will give you plenty of time to look around and shop until your feet hurt.


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Surviving Long Haul; the dreaded economy flight

I traveled to the Maldives this summer before university began. And while I can’t tell you much about the trip (which was incredible by the way) as it wasn’t a budget holiday per se and would do this blog a disservice, I can tell you about how to survive the dreaded 12 hour long haul flights including connections! So buckle your seat belts and let’s survive this trip together!

Birds eye view of the Maldives

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Surviving Brussels; chocolate and peeing boys

Brussels…where to begin?

We traveled to Brussels on the last day of our trip to Ghent. We had great expectations for this city as everyone we had spoken to prior to visiting seemed to idolize it. We dreamed of beautiful architecture, plenty to see and do, and most importantly waffles smothered in chocolate! However, we soon realized that all we would get from Brussels was sinking hearts.

Brussels, we came to realise, is ridiculously overrated.

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Surviving Ghent; the city with two spellings and confusing road systems

To celebrate the start of 2018, Maddie and I booked a mini break to Belgium. And what better way could we bring in the new year than eating copious amounts of chocolate covered waffles, chocolate truffles and Belgium fries, a girl couldn’t ask for more.

We arrived in to Brussels Charleroi at 11pm and having waited an hour for the last bus to Ghent we finally arrived at our Hostel (Hostel Uppelink) at 2am. This was a proud moment for us, we managed to get to the Hostel with a basic map Anna had printed out and my rather ropey sense of direction. The Flibco bus, if you book online in advance, will cost you £6pp. If not, and buy on route then it will cost you €15pp so it is worth booking in advance.

I cannot recommend Hostel Uppelink enough. They dealt with our late arrival well and were still polite with us even though we woke up the receptionist at ridiculous o’clock! Plus it is located in a beautiful 13th century building which is just stunning. Definitely the prettiest hostel we’ve stayed in. As always, breakfast was included in the overall cost; this was a very basic buffet consisting of bread and cereal with your typical juice, tea and coffee options. We didn’t take anything to eat for lunch from the buffet this time but mainly because our heads were full of chants shrieking  – BRING ON THE WAFFLES!


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Surviving Winter Travel; when 5kg is not enough

It has become a habit of ours to take a cheap winter break to ease any university stress. This year we’ve taken two; a December visit to Krakow (which we’ve just returned from) and a New Year visit to Ghent.

Previously we’ve visited Copenhagen, Berlin and Barcelona, so it’s safe to say we’ve made many mistakes when it comes to packing light and keeping warm (or cool, Barcelona in February was surprisingly barmy!) So hopefully by now, we may have learnt from some of them.

We’ve decided to put this wisdom down on paper screen to help you have a stress-free winter vacation on a 5kg bag allowance.


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Surviving Copenhagen; cold, confusing but utterly captivating


(Well that is all the danish you’re going to get in this post).

We went to Copenhagen last January and I must admit it was an amazing start to 2017 even though it was BEYOND freezing! One day being -13… So be clever like Sully Anna and bring thermals.

Us on the boat tour

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Surviving Manchester; the “off-the-track” bucket list

Although I complain about Manchester (a lot!), deep down I adore it. It’s independent bars, cafes and quirky shops are a must for any first time visitor. And even if you’ve been to Manchester thousands of times (or lived there) you always discover something new and extraordinary.

So while Maddie and I celebrate Halloween in its cobbled streets, enjoying its marvels, I thought why not share Manchester’s hidden gems with you. They definitely need more attention that they get!

(I’ve add links to help you navigate your way around too). 

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