How to Cook: Lentil Bolognese

This simple Lentil Bolognese recipe has fast become my favourite to cook and eat. It’s light, flavoursome, and just simply delicious. I could eat barrels of the stuff if I allowed myself!

It only takes 20 minutes to prepare and cook so it’s perfect for that mid-week slump. And tastes delicious even when it comes straight from the freezer!

I would highly recommend adding the spaghetti with about 1/4 cup of the spaghetti water to the dish for the remaining 5 minutes because it is that which will help give the flavour that extra boost.

Trust me you’re going to become obsessed with this one.


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How to Cook: Beef Cacciatore

Leftover passata and cream cheese? Fear not, I have a great recipe for you to try out. This beef cacciatore is so versatile, if haven’t got any beef (or don’t like it) then simply change the recipe to chicken and it works just as well (if not better!) You can also add whatever vegetables your heart desires, I opted for a casserole mix as this was pretty cheap in Iceland and worked really well with the creaminess of the sauce.

I prefer to pair this recipe with some rice but it will work well with anything. This time round I attempted egg friend rice, which was…well…interesting. Suffice to say, for my first attempt, it didn’t go quite to plan but it still tasted delicious!


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How to Cook: Aubergine Parmigiana

With Maddie off in Liverpool, I decided to cook myself a few dinner treats. These all consisted around Italian food because let’s face it, it’s the best food money can buy. And I’ve been obsessed with Italian cuisine since my multiple Toni Macaroni visits (somewhere I’d definitely recommend if you ever find yourself in the Scottish regions – they offer big plates at small prices and are simply divine).

Now, you may be thinking that these treats cost me an arm and a leg but fear not, they still come under that £5 mark! And they don’t cost you a well balanced-meal because they are full to the brim with vegetable goodness!Aubergin_Parmigiana

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How to Cook: Mushroom Alfredo

I adore Italian food. One of the main reasons why I want to travel to Italy (apart from the art) is the food. All I want to do is spend my days in the sun, eating and drinking whatever the Italian culture has to offer. But considering I can’t yet afford such travel expenses, I’ve decided to bring Italy to me and produce a low calorie (and budget) take on the classic Fettuccine Alfredo.


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How to Bake: Eggless Pancakes

I love pancakes! They are a versatile and easy snack ,or breakfast, when you feel like treating yourself after a hard week.. However, sometimes the sugar content makes me feel very guilty, especially if I’ve “treated” myself a lot during the week. But this little recipe is a healthier alternative, only using 1 teaspoon of sugar, it gives all the flavour of a regular pancake without the diabetes! Hallelujah!


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How to Cook: Shepherds Pie

Shepherds Pie is the ultimate casserole; only requiring a few cheap ingredients which can be either be left in a slow cooker all day, or cooked for 20 minutes in a pan. I must admit it is one of my home favourites. Add a French baguette, some green beans and a few mushrooms, and you’ve got yourself a hearty meal the whole family will enjoy.

Serves: 6-8 people

Suitable for freezing.


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How to Bake: Vegan Cookies

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a little bit addicted to cookies, hence the multitude of cookie recipes that have appeared over the year on the blog. However, as a student I need to think of inventive ways to get round our lack of food in the cupboard. This is usually a lack of perishable goods such as eggs and fresh produce. So when the sugar cravings hit and I have none of the ingredients I need, I turn to the vegan alternatives, and I must say these satisfied a whole lot of sugar cravings!


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How to Cook: Sticky Pork

Can’t successfully cook rice? We’ve got your back! This incredibly easy recipe can be made with any meat of your choosing – beef, pork, chicken? Mmmm (hope you all get the Mulan reference).
Prepped, cooked and ready to serve in 20 mins with minimal washing up, this gem of a recipe is a winner for sure.


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How to Cook: Tomato Chicken Cous Cous

For this recipe, I decided to do a bit more experimenting. We’ve had about 10,000g of cous cous sitting in our cupboard for a year now and I thought it was about time to get rid.


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How to Cook: Shepherds Pie ft Tomato Ketchup

I’ve been on a mission lately to find and create recipes using sauces everyone has in their household cupboard, primarily mayonnaise and tomato ketchup. I started this mission because lately Maddie starting slimming world and the 4 tins of chopped tomatoes we bought in September have all magically disappeared without allowing me to create my infamous Northern Shepherds Pie! So I set out to find a new, (slightly) improved recipe that could eliminate the use of tinned tomatoes, and I found it! Take a look.

  • 20181008_1728536925504046150014270.jpg


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