How to Cook: Hummus Baked Cod

Continuing with the fish theme, I headed down the oven baked cod route once again. And considering I’ve eaten 6 pots of hummus already this week I thought where’s the harm in eating some more?

I smothered the cod in regular hummus because the more hummus, the better. But I would imagine any hummus would work nicely so you could try pepper hummus or beetroot hummus to create the same great taste!

This recipe allows for 6 cod fillets which I shared between 3 people. It can be served with sweet potato fries, a salad or some simple veggies (I would recommend roasted Mediterranean veggies!)

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How to Cook: Lemon, Parsley and Paprika Cod Fillet

I have a confession to make…when it comes to fish I am pretty much at a loss.

I know how to create your standard breadcrumb cod and your creamy tuna pasta bake but when it comes to more adventurous flavours I panic.

So at the start of the month I made a promise to myself to incorporate more fish into my diet. Why? Because fish is a great source of protein and is filled with omega-3, fatty acids and vitamins which makes it great brain food!

Last week armed with some fresh cod fillets (my favourite) and an idea, I stumbled across this recipe by Taste of Home.

It is such a simple recipe and with a couple of tweaks, I added it to my weekly menu, excited in the new food addition.

When cooked, the fish is delicate and flavoursome. I would recommend serving with salad or rice.

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Cod fillet with salad

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How to Cook: Lamb Jalfrazi

I’ve always wanted to make a curry from scratch.

Instead convenience has gotten the better of me and I’ve found myself reaching for the shop bought jar alternative.

As we headed for an Easter weekend of isolation, I thought it best to change this habit and try my hand at a lamb curry using the leftover lamb from the Sunday roast.

Curry is a great dish to make with any leftover meat or vegetables that may be lying around your kichen as it’s fuss free – just blend, chop, sautee and spice your way to perfection! 

My first attempt at curry didn’t go too badly. It was more tomato-y than I would have hoped for however if you fancy something different I’d definitely recommend.

If I were to do it again, I would have added more spice (I love a spicy curry) and made sure I definitely had garam masala in my cupboard!

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How to Cook: Mexican Rice ft Shakshouka

There are two staple items in my cupboards which are cheap to buy and can be added together to create a plethora of dishes. These items are a tin of tomatoes and a tin of baked beans! Unbelievable..I know!

They are two items that I cannot live without and on occassion I like to experiment with them. This time round, I opted to try a Shakshuka (or Mexican Rice as some call it).

Shakshouka originated Yemen and is a classic North African/Middle Eastern dish. It’s a personal favourite of mine as it allows me to add any leftover vegetables I may have and still tastes great! The traditional version uses tomatoes, onions and spices as a base.

Mine however, uses tomatoes and beans. If you don’t fancy baked beans, an added optional would be kidney beans which you would add at stage 3 with or in replacement of the baked beans.

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How to Cook: Beetroot Quinoa

Quinoa is fast becoming a popular grain, and is being used widely in home and restaurant cooking.

I started experimenting with it last summer and it has since become a staple in my spring and summer lunch menu.

The first recipe I ever tried and tested was this very simple beetroot dish which I take to work for lunch. I usually pair it with fish cakes, grilled chicken or eat it in a wrap. It’s simple flavours make it a versatile side or main dish and is great for on the go and batch cooking.

It is a very simple recipe which only requires as its essential tools a mixing bowl and a spoon. (Wohoo!)

It can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months. All that is required is that you defrost in the fridge 24 hours before serving (just to be on the safe side).

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How to Cook: Pea, Barley and Green Lentil Stew

There hasn’t been any posts from me for a while, between work, life and now Covid-19 I’ve had little time to myself. I’m learning to juggle (promise)… so that’s a plus.

Anyway, I’m still cooking and have invented this little gem which I eat for lunch at work. I simply defrost and reheat in the micorwace for 2.5 minutes and viola, a nutritional, filling bowl of hearty goodness!

I’m not quite sure what to call it though… although I use a pea and barley broth mix, it’s more like an alternative risotto than a soup or stew. However, whatever you (or I) decide to call it, I can safely say it takes absolutely fabulous!

Only taking 20 minutes to bulk cook four meals, you’ll be mad not to give it a try.

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How to Cook: Moroccan Cous Cous

I have recently become obsessed with cous cous – it’s easy, ready in 5 minutes, and requires minimal clean up. Not only that but it’s a filling and healthy lunch that will see you through to dinner.

What’s even better it is so versatile that you can interchange flavours so that you will never get bored.

I like to add a variety of nuts, fruits, vegetables, and meats to create a well-balanced meal which is ready for me to defrost and eat when needed.

If you like this simple dish, then I have many a cous cous creation for you to try so check back soon for more and let me know how it goes.


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How to Cook: Lentil Bolognese

This simple Lentil Bolognese recipe has fast become my favourite to cook and eat. It’s light, flavoursome, and just simply delicious. I could eat barrels of the stuff if I allowed myself!

It only takes 20 minutes to prepare and cook so it’s perfect for that mid-week slump. And tastes delicious even when it comes straight from the freezer!

I would highly recommend adding the spaghetti with about 1/4 cup of the spaghetti water to the dish for the remaining 5 minutes because it is that which will help give the flavour that extra boost.

Trust me you’re going to become obsessed with this one.


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How to Cook: Gumbo

This simple 5-step Gumbo recipe was inspired by: Cotter Crunch and it has fast become one of my favourite go to dinners/lunches. It’s blend of spice enriched tomato base paired with a tonne of vegetables makes it as satisfying as it is delightful. It has the ability to transport you to a thousand different places with each spoonful, and the paprika really gives it the kick every dish needs.

If you’re looking for an easy re-heatable lunch – or just fancy something different for you dinner – then this is a must try! Plus it makes approximately 8 servings so what are you waiting for?!


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How to Cook: Bacon and Mushroom Tagliatelle

If you’ve been following my social media platforms at the minute you will know I can’t shut up talking about this absolutely delightful dish. Bacon and Mushroom Tagliatelle was a staple in our house until Schwartz discontinued the packet mix and mum had no herbs to whip it up herself. The dish had almost gone extinct from memory until at Easter I decided to take it upon myself to do an exact recreation. And by exact, I mean perfect!

Armed with a tin of tomatoes, tomato puree, and a variety of herbs, I set to work. The end result was mind-blowing, it was like that scene in Ratatouille where the food critic had full-on food nostalgia!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “come on Anna, it’s hardly a notable achievement is it?” Well, here is where you are oh so very wrong. Yes, herbs may be down there on your list of experimental condiments but I tell you this one slip of the hand with some Rosemary or Thyme and the dish has gone rogue without any hope of returning.

Equally if you’re new to the practice of herbs, spices, and all things home-cooking then this dish is a great starting point to build your kitchen confidence! So shake away my dear followers – SHAKE AWAY!


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