Kitchen know-how: create 540 meals with £100

For those of you who may have had a peek at my blog before reading this article, or potentially follow it, you will have seen that I am a great advocate of saving money where possible. I am in love with the frugal lifestyle because in my opinion you don’t need to spend thousands to gain great quality dishes in the kitchen – all you need is a little inspiration and a lot of know-how.

Over my years as a thrifty student, I have managed to gain many skills and assets that have helped me spend pennies on things that would normally eat away at my budget. I’ve fed myself and one other for as little as 19p per meal and with this know-how I’ve managed to save thousands!

It is these hints, tips, and recipes I dedicate my blog too because if I can do it there’s no reason why you can’t too!

Now, I am aware many families incur many expenses that I (as a student) haven’t encountered yet – mainly those orientated around children and the like. But that doesn’t mean that some of these tips won’t bee useful; the majority are transferable and will still allow you a few spare pennies!

1. Shop local (for bits and bobs only)

Everyone knows that shopping local doesn’t work on a tight budget especially for your weekly shops. However, forgotten an integral fruit or vegetable for your dinner tonight? Then head down to your local fruit and vegetable store (and I’m not talking about Spar!) I’m talking about the authentic, fresh from the stem, food goodness! You’ll find that fruit and vegetables are a lot cheaper (and triple the size) than nipping to Tesco. And plus, you’re helping a local business in the process too – it’s a win/win!

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5 simple steps to help you budget…

Last week I asked you what you wanted to see appear on the blog and it was a unanimous win for budgeting advice! So I’ve listened, and here it is…

To be quite honest, this post has been a long time coming – this particular draft having been filed away since December 2018 – crazy I know! I wouldn’t be a budget blog if I didn’t let you in on a few of my secrets, so it seems crazy that I haven’t published this post before today.Although some of these points aren’t really secrets, I feel it’s beneficial to repeat them anyway. And. if you want to find more hints and tips, have a read of my guest post over at The Money Shed.So with the preliminaries out the way, let’s begin…

1. Know your Finances

In-comings, outgoings, and expenditure. 3 horrible words we all dread to hear, but get used to it guys because I’m going to be throwing these words around a lot!You need to know exactly what is going out of your account, when, and how much. Sounds simple and common-sensical but you’d be surprised how many people fail to know this simple information. And it really does help to know this sort of stuff because knowing this off the top of your head will allow you to make more logical decisions about whether you really can afford that morning coffee.Which brings me nicely on to my next step…


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How to Make: the Easiest Christmas Gifts

It’s less than a week until Christmas, and for the disorganised among us, it is a week of stress as we scramble to find the perfect present.

Well fear no more. I have put together my favourite personal gifts that will ease your minds, because what says I love you than these simple DIY gifts that the whole family will love!

1. Food in a Jar

These are a popular choice at Christmas (or any occasion). I have made a few of these in my time and they are all easy and cheap to make. My most recent creation was cookies in a jar, complete with homemade tag and recipe! I thought this added a more personal touch because there is no better way to say “I love you” than food and sharing recipes.

Get yourself a 2 litre air tight jar from your local supermarket and spend an afternoon baking. A bonus of such a splendid gift is 1) eating the leftovers, and 2) your house smelling of cookies!

Recipe for the cookies can be found here. Just double up the recipe and it should make about 30.


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Eating on a budget while travelling the world!

Recently we wrote a guest post for the guys over at The Money Shed. If you’ve not heard of them before then definitely check them out, they are an online community talking all things budgets and saving, and are definitely work a look.

Our post was all about our savvy hints and tips to eating cheap to save those pennies. We talk about what we buy, how we cook and, how we try to save money on our extrememly low income.

For your eyes only, the post encompasdes all the advice we give to our friends and family when they ask us how we manage it and I hope that we can do more posts like this on our blog in the future!

If you fancy a read, head on over to..