Hey there!

I’m Anna, and I decided to create Pennies into Pounds back in 2017 when I was a Philosophy student at the University of Glasgow.

Pennies into Pounds was created specifically for those on a strict budget to create nutritional and well-balanced meals because I know how hard this can be. I was raised by a single mother who had nothing, so budgeting and saving pennies is second nature, and I wanted to share this knowledge with those who struggle.

Everything you see on the blog (unless otherwise stated) has been created by myself, or influenced by family recipes. So I would love it (if you do try any of my recipes) to send me a photo and leave a review. It would be great to see my meals out there in the wider world!

I hope you enjoy browsing, and see you soon!

*A specialmention to Alexandra Francis for any graphics you see on the blog i.e. logo and banner.